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Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation

Hew-Tex is a premier mineral exploration company with an industry leading success rate. Working hand in hand with joint venture partners offering complete transparency in costs, risks, and production, we have set a new bar in Oil & Gas Business Opportunities!

What Sets Hew-Tex Apart?

Our mission to develop a solid portfolio of consistent production wells and profitable salt water disposal and production facilities at the lowest level of risk. We seek to accomplish this by sticking to a few core service tenants in every deal we do. 

Premium Business Opportunities Since 1989

We partner with industry leading exploration and saltwater disposal and production companies to bring you the best ROI 


Hew-Tex has developed and maintained relationships with many major oil & gas industry partners. These industry leads and Drilling and SWD partners include Marathon, Exxon Mobil/XTO, Statoil, Hunt Oil, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Oasis Petroleum of North America. Invest with Hew-Tex and be in good company. 


Oil Exploration, Saltwater Disposal and Production Investment Opportunities, Houston TX


Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation was founded in 1989 by Peter H. Hewett who remains the company’s President and CEO. Over the past thirty years, the company has evolved into a formable entity with oil and gas holdings and saltwater disposal and production in Texas, Louisiana, and North Dakota. Hew-Tex organizes and manages joint venture partnerships that participate in oil drilling, saltwater disposal and production investment opportunities with the primary objective always being one that translates into profits for the company’s investor partners.

Quality, integrity, fairness, and total transparency are the corporate traits attributed to the company’s success.

Whether you are a seasoned oil and gas investor or contemplating your first investment, Hew-Tex will help you make informed decisions prior to investing. Please contact one of our oil and gas consultants in Houston for a no obligation inquiry including information about the significant tax benefits available to oil and gas investors.

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Please contact one of our oil and gas consultants in Houston for a no obligation inquiry
including information about the significant tax benefits available to oil and gas developers.

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