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Everybody Needs Oil

No matter what you do or where you live, oil is a big part of your life. Whether you realize it or not, products you use every day depend on oil to be made. Sure, everybody knows that you need oil for your cars to run properly. read more…

Investing in Texas Gas and Oil

It would be tough to find anywhere in the world where people don’t use oil and gas. Whether it’s for their cars and trucks or farm equipment or they’re using oil and gas to make plastics and other household items, you can’t dispute the fact that there is a need for gas and oil that is not going away. read more…

Gas and Oil Profits

When you’re looking for a way to make gas and oil profits, you won’t find a better company to work with than Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation. When it comes to being able to identify the best oil and gas projects, our team at Hew-Tex has the experience to know which projects to choose and which projects to pass on. read more…

Filling the Need for Oil

Whether you’re talking to a business owner, your college professor, your wife or your children, everybody realizes that we all depend on oil for all kinds of things in our lives. Many people don’t realize that filling the need for oil is something that is a necessity and not a luxury. Oil is not just something that’s used to heat our homes and fuel our cars. It’s something that’s used to make millions of products people around the world use every day. And Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation is a company that not only realizes this need, but we’re doing something about it every day. If you want to know about investing in oil with Hew-Tex, just let us know. read more…

Advantages of Oil and Gas Investing

No matter where you invest your money, there can be good effects and bad effects. You might make money and you might lose money, that’s just a fact of investing. What people who invest with Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation can tell you is that there are advantages of oil and gas investing. read more…

Get In On Oil and Gas Profits

If you follow the news and watch the price of oil and gas, it’s a good idea to get in on oil and gas profits now. Everyone realizes that the price of gas and oil goes up and down, and if you sit around and wait for the perfect time, chances are you may never take action. read more…

Smart Oil Investing

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that oil is one of the commodities that is used just about everywhere in the world every day. People all over the world are using more products made of petroleum these days than at any other time in history. Everybody knows that the motor vehicles in the world use gas and oil, but what many people don’t realize is that there are thousands of other products read more…

Producing Steady Profits from Oil and Gas

Are you approaching the age when you’d like to retire? Are you just heading off to college and you’re looking for a way to help supplement your income and pay off student loans fast? Did you just get married and you’re ready to start a family and you want to be sure you have money in the bank for your children’s college education? read more…

Pick the Right Oil Project

When you want to be sure you pick the right oil project to invest in, talk to the experts at Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation and find out what projects they have open right now. Working with an experienced team of independent oil and gas experts that’s lead by President and CEO, Peter H. Hewett, can give you the edge over other companies that are new to the industry. As a seasoned veteran of the oil and gas industry, Mr. Hewett’s business sense and leadership is second to none.

Hew-Tex has been in business since 1989 and they’ve worked with some of the most prestigious joint venture partners in the industry. Teaming up with the major players in the gas and oil industry is an important reason why Hew-Tex is so successful. When you follow the lead of companies like Marathon Oil, Exxon Mobile and Oasis Petroleum, you know you’ll be in the right place at the right time to make the best decisions for both the company and its accredited investors. And when you work with Hew-Tex you can follow their lead and pick the right oil project to invest in for yourself.

Hew-Tex has oil and gas projects in Texas, Louisiana and North Dakota, so you will have lots of opportunities to make an investment in a project that interests you. Bringing in profits for investors is something the team at Hew-Tex prides itself in doing over and over again. Working closely with industry leaders in gathering information on land leases and using the latest technology is how Hew-Tex has managed to be so successful over the years.

So when you’re ready to take the plunge and pick the right oil project for your investment needs, give the team at Hew-Tex a call at 832-779-2078. We’ll let you know what projects are ready for investors and guide you to the ones that best fit your needs.

Time to Invest in Texas Oil

If you’re looking for a way to create wealth and you’ve never thought about investing in Texas oil, now is the time to invest in Texas oil with Hew-Tex. Our experts are great organizers and managers of joint venture partnerships that allow us to participate in Texas oil drilling opportunities. Obviously, the main objective of everyone involved with Hew-Tex is to create profits for the company and for our investors and partners. And we’d love to have you as part of our team.

Anyone who has money in the bank and is collecting a tiny amount of interest knows that’s not the way to get rich, but it’s something people have done for many years, so it’s a comfortable thing to do. Investing in oil is something many people are not familiar with, so they have a natural fear of that unknown factor. It may be time to invest in Texas oil by talking to the team at Hew-Tex for more info.

Talking to your tax accountant or financial advisor and explaining that you’re thinking about a direct oil investment with Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation is a great idea. These are the people who can explain all the tax advantages of investing in oil and they can tell you how the tax advantages can benefit your exact situation. Most people who work with us will tell you that the tax advantages alone are worth the investment, not even taking into consideration the profits available to you. After you’ve talked with your financial advisor, give our team a call at (832) 779-2078 and we’ll let you know what our current oil and gas projects are. We can help you choose the ones that are best for your specific needs.
So when you’re looking for the best company for investing in oil, call on the experts at Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation and talk to our staff so we can help you make profits that will last a lifetime. It may be time to invest in Texas oil to increase your monthly income.

Learn How Oil and Gas Investing Works

If you’ve always wanted to learn how oil and gas investing works, the team at Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation can give you all the answers. One of the most important things to know is that investing directly with the oil company is the most lucrative way to do it. Direct investing as an accredited investor means you won’t have any fees from agents or brokers because you are the one who did the deal directly with Hew-Tex.

Finding the right company to work with is the most important step you can take. When you work with Hew-Tex you’re getting the benefit of years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Peter H. Hewett put a great team together in 1989 when he founded Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation. Under Mr. Hewett’s experienced leadership, Hew-Tex has grown into a very well respected gas and oil production company. The focus of the Hew-Tex team is mainly in Texas, Louisiana and North Dakota, with the main objective of producing profits for its investor partners.

Telling the team at Hew-Tex you want to learn how oil and gas investing works will get you answers that make you want to take the leap and trust the team to produce profits for you. When you are accepted as an accredited investor, you’ll learn about all the projects that are open for investors. Once you choose the one that sounds right to you, you’ll enjoy monthly profits that will last for many years to come.

Many people look for investment opportunities with low risk and high reward but never find them. When you work with the team at Hew-Tex, you can choose the opportunity with the risk to reward ratio that feels best to you. We’re sure once you talk to your financial advisor and your tax accountant you’ll learn how oil and gas investing works and why it’s right for you. Give Hew-Tex a call today at 832-779-2078.


Drilling Partners for Gas and Oil

Making a profit in the oil and gas industry is not something that just happens. Not everyone who sets out to be successful actually makes it. Small oil and gas companies pop up all the time, being run by people who think they know what to do but have no experience to back up their business. That’s not the case with Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation. In addition to having a President at the head of the company with years of experience under his belt, Hew-Tex works with strategic drilling partners for gas and oil to be sure they’re in the right place at precisely the right time.

A 26 year track record is impressive for any company, but it’s especially impressive in the field of oil and gas. Knowing how to choose the right drilling partners for gas and oil is a big part of the process that allows Hew-Tex to be among the finest oil and gas investment companies around. By partnering with the big guys, like Marathon and Exxon Mobil/XTO, the team at Hew-Tex makes sure they’re following the lead of the companies at the forefront of just about every opportunity. Drilling partners like Conoco Phillips Burlington, Hunt Oil, and Oasis Petroleum of North America puts Hew-Tex in positions to profit faster so they can pass those profits on to investors like you.

Keep in mind that when you work with Hew-Tex on investing in gas and oil, there’s never any pressure from anyone on our staff. We don’t pay commissions to staff members for bringing in investors, so you know that when you talk to our staff you’ll get accurate information so you can make an informed decision on where to put your money. So if you’re ready to work with a company that follows the lead of the most impressive drilling partners for gas and oil, call the team at Hew-Tex today at 832-779-2078.

Exceptional Oil and Gas Opportunities

When you’re looking to profit from oil investments, look to Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation. In business since 1989, Hew-Tex has been counted among the leaders in independent oil and gas exploration and drilling. With a mission to consistently develop wells that produce on a regular basis, while keeping the risk to our investors at a minimum. We work with joint venture partners, hand in hand, and offer complete transparency in risks, costs and production. Hew-Tex has definitely the set the new standard in oil and gas investing and is counted among the exceptional oil and gas opportunities in the country.

Anyone looking to invest in oil and gas knows there are a lot of opportunities out there. Attempting to invest with the nationally known means you would need to do so through a broker or agent and pay them fees each month, which is a loss to you. Dealing directly with an independent oil and gas company, like Hew-Tex, gives you the opportunity to make and keep all the profits for yourself. Working with Hew-Tex is definitely one of the best exceptional oil and gas opportunities in the industry today.

With experienced leadership under President, CEO and Founder, Peter H. Hewett, Hew-Tex continues to explore and drill in Texas, North Dakota and Louisiana. The company was created with the corporate¬† priciples of fairness, quality, integrity and complete transparency, and those traits are what have contributed to the long-term success. So whether this is your first time investing in gas and oil or you’re an investor with years of experience, you can count on the team at Hew-Tex to be available to help you make informed investing decisions.

when you’re in the market to profit from one of the exceptional oil and gas opportunities available today, give the team at Hew-Tex a call at 832-779-2078. We’ll be happy to share information with you and help you determine which of our projects best fits your needs.

Perfect Timing to Invest in Oil

If you’ve wondered when the perfect timing to invest in oil, now is the time to invest with Hew-Tex. Rather than worrying about the lower price of oil, it’s time to take advantage of those low prices to make great deals with contractors of all kinds. For example, pipe suppliers, drilling contractors, all types of service companies need to lower their prices when oil prices are low so they stay competitive and keep business coming in. So rather than worry about temporarily lower oil prices, the smart team at Hew-Tex realizes this is a great opportunity to take advantage of those lower costs to make more profits for everyone.

When prices are down and investors and other oil exploration companies are wondering what to do, the team at Hew-Tex is busy negotiating oil leasing acquisitions that were much higher just a short time ago. This team realizes that profits are not made only when prices of oil and gas skyrocket. Profits are still there when prices are lower, as long as you get the best deals possible from all the suppliers and service contractors you use. So that’s what our team is busy doing. We’re searching out the lowest finding costs that allow profits to be made, even while prices are low. That means it’s always the perfect timing to invest in oil.

You might be interested to know that the last time oil prices went down, Hew-Tex actually made more money for investors. That means we’ll be doing the same thing this time, following the same buy low, sell high philosophy we use whenever this happens. So if you’re wondering when it’s the perfect timing to invest in oil, anytime is the right time to work with the team at Hew-Tex. Give our experts a call at (832) 779-2078 and let us tell you why this is a great time to put your money in oil and gas.

Participating Directly with Gas and Oil

Anyone who is considering participating directly with gas and oil investments should contact the team at Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation to find out how it’s done properly. Investing directly with the company that takes a project from start to finish should be done only after you’ve done your own research and you’ve determined that you feel comfortable with the team that will be using your investment to produce oil and gas profits for you.

When it comes to working with the right company with participating directly with gas and oil, you can trust the experts at Hew-Tex to bring you the most lucrative investments possible. Anyone looking to be a successful oil and gas investor should realize that working directly with the team that knows how to locate and drill the wells can be much more lucrative than you may imagine. You’ve probably seen reports of the millionaires that have been created in the oil and gas industry. There’s no shame in wanting to be that successful, and the way to do it is to maximize your investment by leaving out the middleman and going directly to the source.

Working with a reputable gas and oil exploration and development company is the key to feeling comfortable with your investment. It’s important that you invest with a company that’s been successful and not just a company that hopes and dreams about success. That’s where Hew-Tex really shines. The team at Hew-Tex was put together in 1989 by Peter H. Hewett, who serves as President and Director. Having served in just about every capacity imaginable in the industry, Mr. Hewett brings years of experience and knowledge about every aspect of the process. With a team of experts on staff, from oil and gas exploration and drilling to sales and marketing, Hew-Tex is a leader in the industry from top to bottom.

When you’re ready for participating directly with gas and oil, call the experts at Hew-Tex at 832-779-2078. We’ll be happy to give you all the information to help you decide to work with us.

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